Hey wow, I auditioned and was selected to perform on the People's Improv Theatre's newest house team "SlapFight"

I wrote a manic thing about joining the Creative Time Young Ambassadors and David Byrne and the internet rejoiced.

Will the world remember me for baring my soul on tumblr? Stay tuned...

I made a painting called Nittany Lyin? It's of Joe Paterno and part of the Tom Sanford's 100 Little Deaths show at Bravin Lee. Then I went and did something reckless like write a tumblr-core rant prose thing about it. Cool.

My Hope Soap on a Rope was auctioned off to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless. Here it is hanging next to a Shepard Fairey print because Anne Huntington curated the heck out of this thing. Wow!

I made a painting called Catlas Shrugged for the Ca$h Cat$.biz show. Laughing Squid dug it. Vice dug it. Bonus points. Next level. Here's a bit more about my 'Litterary Process'

adam wissing and i manufactured some HOPE as part of the Wassaic Project

think globally

quiet but manic toiling...

Hi all, how was your summer? Revolutiony? Well let's keep the good times rolling. I've made some things- come see them:

Hope Soap on a Rope
Goatsmilk soap, rope

Come check it out at Pulse LA as part of Grey Area - September 30th-Oct3rd


I have some work at the excellent shop Grey Area curated by Manish Vora and Kyle De Woody.


I have several works included in the group show Mantamed, opening July 10th in Williamsbug. The show is curated by Emily Fitzgerald and hosted by Magdalena Ryczko.

Join us

41 Havemeyer St. (corner of N7th)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
July 10th, 6PM-9PM

More Info on the sculpture project Even Stranger