Barry and the Universe
A solo exhibition of Nic*Rad's work titled "Barry and the Universe" took place in January of 2009 at Rare Gallery. No one was injured. Reports of licentious behavior were greatly exaggerated.

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"The show's title references a mythical rise and fall of childhood idol Barry Bonds. Meanwhile, a nation is at war, and friends are deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mired in the contradictions of making “political art” in a market driven economy, Rad instead finds influences in artists such as Dix, Ensor, and R.Crumb, whose idiosyncratic voices personalize human and global conflict.

The artist develops his narratives from abstract marks and cartoons them toward clarity. These images imagine the role of individuals in the universe as volatile, mystical, and consuming.

Each figure battles for ethical, logical, moral, and physical identity. Each is caught in the morass of group dynamics and social systems, overwhelmed by struggle beyond their control or comprehension.